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The QS-V20 stands out as an advanced 4DoF motion cockpit, specially designed to provide an outstanding immersive experience in the field of motor racing simulation. Intended both for the professional training of pilots and the entertainment of virtual racing enthusiasts, this system pushes the limits of virtual reality.

The core element of the QS-V20 is its motion system, powered by the world's fastest and most sophisticated linear actuator technology. This system ensures precise and instantaneous restitution of driving sensations, allowing the virtual pilot to feel each turn, each change of surface and each acceleration with remarkable fidelity. The feedback from the vehicle to the driver is of an unequaled intensity, thus creating a total immersion in the universe of the race.

This motion cockpit is ideal for a variety of simulations, whether rallying, GT car racing or even Formula 1. The versatility of the QS-V20 makes it a suitable choice for various types of racing and vehicles, thus meeting the varied needs and tastes of users.

In addition, the QS-V20 also stands out with its small footprint and lightweight design. This ingenious design makes it easy to fit into tight spaces, whether in a professional environment dedicated to pilot training or in a personal game room. The ease of adapting this motion rig to different setups makes it a practical and versatile choice for sim racing enthusiasts.

In sum, the QS-V20 delivers a motor racing simulation experience that pushes the boundaries of immersion and fidelity. Whether you're an aspiring racer looking to hone your skills or a virtual racing enthusiast looking for thrills, this expansive 4DoF motion cockpit is designed to put you right in the action with unprecedented realism.
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