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Gift card ‣ SIM CENTER

Gift card ‣ SIM CENTER

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Looking for an original gift idea? Do not search anymore ! SimBelgium has the perfect solution: offer a gift card that opens the doors to our motor racing simulator center. You will have the opportunity to live a unique and exciting experience.

With this gift card, you have full control over your gift. Choose the length of the session that best suits the lucky person who will receive it. Whether for a brief immersion or an extended experience, the SimBelgium gift card adapts to your preferences.

With our state-of-the-art racing simulator facility, you'll feel like you're in the driver's seat of a real racing car. The realistic sensations and the immersive environment will transport you to the most famous tracks, providing a thrilling experience at every turn.

Whether you are a motor racing enthusiast or simply looking to offer an unforgettable gift, the SimBelgium gift card is the ideal choice. Delight your loved ones by offering them an unprecedented virtual adventure, where they can push their speed limits in complete safety.

Don't miss the opportunity to surprise and amaze with a gift that is out of the ordinary. Opt for the SimBelgium gift card and offer an exceptional driving experience, without leaving the comfort of our high-end motor racing simulator.

The budget varies according to the number of minutes chosen:
17€ = 20 minutes
34€ = 40 minutes
51€ = 60 minutes
68€ = 80 minutes
85€ = 100 minutes. 

After purchasing your gift voucher, it remains valid for a period of six months, intended for one person only, and cannot be refunded.
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