Our comprehensive program consists of 15 exciting lessons, each lasting 60 minutes. These courses are specially designed to enable you to acquire the essential basics of driving on the track, while introducing you to driving techniques.

The first lessons focus on learning the fundamentals of driving, where you will learn the basic principles of handling a vehicle safely. You will be guided by our experienced instructors, who will help you understand key aspects such as steering wheel control, optimal braking, cornering techniques, and much more.

Throughout the course, we will emphasize safety, teaching you defensive driving techniques to prevent emergencies and react appropriately should the unexpected happen on the road.

As you gain confidence, the lessons will evolve to incorporate sporty driving techniques, allowing you to explore the limits of your vehicle's performance in a controlled and safe manner. You will learn how to handle tight turns, optimize your lap times, and develop a thorough understanding of advanced sport driving techniques.

Our virtual classes offer an immersive and interactive experience, with realistic simulations to help you hone your skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Whether you are a novice looking to improve your driving skills or a motorsport enthusiast aspiring to become a seasoned driver, our safe and sporty driving virtual lessons are designed to meet your needs and goals.

Our virtual driving lessons, available in two languages: Dutch and French.

Single lesson 60,00€
Number 5 lessons Euro 270,00€
Number 10 lessons Euro 510,00€
Number 15 lessons Euro 700,00€

Join us now for a unique driving experience, where fun and safety come together to provide you with a complete and memorable training.

Email : center@simbelgium.be

Phone: (NL) +32 (0) 477 68 06 79
Phone: (FR) +32 (0) 486 13 65 44