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Our driving simulators are specially designed to give you an immersive and realistic experience, giving you the feeling of being at the controls of a real racing car. Whether you dream of driving a blistering Formula 1 car, a sleek GT car or taming the demanding terrain of a rally, our simulators are ready to meet all your desires.

Our high-tech equipment recreates the conditions of a real race, offering you total immersion and striking realism. Once you take your seat in the cockpit, the authentic steering wheel, pedals and cockpit will instantly transport you to a world where your piloting skills will be put to the test.

Whether you're a beginner looking for new thrills or a pro looking for cutting-edge training, our car simulator center is the perfect place to explore your limits and hone your driving skills. Look no further, because here, adventure and adrenaline await you at every moment.

Embark on a unique and unforgettable experience, and let yourself be carried away by the excitement and thrill of motor racing. Challenge yourself, push your limits and discover the thrilling world of motorsport, all in a safe and stimulating environment.

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Who are we ?

SimBelgium® is much more than just a business, it is a passion that was born thanks to motorsport professionals driven by unwavering determination. For more than ten years, Roberto, the founder and manager, has been evolving in the world of simracing, this discipline which makes virtual and reality rhyme by recreating the art of car racing within simulators. Expert in this field, he now puts his know-how at the service of amateurs, by guiding them in the choice of the best simulator, adapted to their desires and their own experience.

At SimBelgium®, it's a family story that is played out. Indeed, Roberto works hand in hand with his son, Calogero, a real rising star of simracing in Belgium. Renowned for his exceptional performances, Calogero has risen through the international ranks and reached 4th place in the final of a prestigious world championship. Father's pride in his son is immense, and together they share this common passion by accompanying and warmly advising all enthusiasts of this fabulous virtual sport, helping them to progress and live their passion ever more intensely.

Through their online store, their physical showroom and the simulator CENTER located in Merchtem, SimBelgium® has established itself as the true simracing specialist in Belgium. Their reputation has even gone beyond the country's borders, as their expertise and high-quality after-sales service have won the hearts of enthusiasts around the world. The simulators signed SimBelgium® have thus been exported to the four corners of the globe, making Belgium shine in the field of simracing.

At SimBelgium®, each client is unique, and their mission goes far beyond simple sales. They are driven by a real desire to share their passion and provide all simracing enthusiasts with an unforgettable experience. With their sharp expertise, their unfailing dedication and their love for virtual motorsport, Roberto and Calogero have created a true community of enthusiasts, uniting amateurs around the same emotion: that of living their passion for motor racing, while while staying at home, comfortably installed behind their simulator.

SimBelgium® is the excellence of Belgian simracing, a passion transmitted from generation to generation, and an adventure that has only just begun. Join the community, trust their expertise, and vibrate to the rhythm of the intense sensations that virtual motorsport provides.