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The SPARCO MECA-3 GLOVES glove is quality equipment designed especially for mechanics. Its back is made from an elastic and printed fabric that offers exceptional resistance against all types of abrasion. Thus, it ensures optimal durability, even during intensive use.

The palm of this mechanic's glove is made of synthetic leather that is particularly resistant to abrasion, thus guaranteeing excellent protection for the hands during handling and mechanical work. In addition, a reinforcement piece strategically placed between the thumb and index finger further enhances the protection of this particularly stressed area.

Another advantage of the SPARCO MECA-3 glove is the gussets inserted between the fingers. These gussets ensure better air circulation inside the glove, allowing the hands to breathe and remain more comfortable during prolonged periods of work.

The glove closure wristband has a personalized velcro that guarantees a perfect and secure fit around the wrist. This allows mechanics to benefit from an optimal fit of the glove, thus avoiding potential distractions and ensuring better dexterity to perform their tasks with precision.

In summary, the SPARCO MECA-3 GLOVES is an ideal choice for mechanical professionals looking to combine comfort, protection and durability in their daily activities. Its meticulous design makes it a trusted ally, capable of meeting the highest demands of the trade.
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